I bought the $75 hotel deal, which was supposed to save me a lot of money for a 2 night stay and a $50 dinner voucher. So when I went to book my rooms, first of all it took 3.5 weeks for the Vendor (Vacations Unlimited) to get back to me (therefore making a refund impossible which was 7 day).

Then I find out the Hotel wants a $75 per night "fee" and $20 for 2 beds. So I find out that is the rate the hotel charges if I just book outright.

So, you get a $50 dinner voucher for $75???? Moolala won't refund because it is after the 7 days.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Carlsbad, California, United States #715464

Hello all - I work for Vacations Unlimited, and would like to clarify a few details. I certainly understand that some customers have valid complaints as with any company, and would not like to take away from anyone's legitimate experience, however I would like the chance to post what might be helpful to others.

# 1. We post all terms & fees up front both on the ads placed and on the website where the vouchers are redeemed. They are not in small print, they are there & clear. Some factors DO vary the fees, but we do our best to work around that when possible. We do not make any more money if your hotels have higher fees, so it is always our intention to save as much as possible for the guest.

# 2. Some (not all) customers request reservations at the last minute, add extra travelers, make requests for holidays, or high traffic areas (Times Square, Beverly Hills, etc) and are frustrated when, A) Hotel fees may be higher than expected, or B) Availability is not what's expected. Some guests do not even read the ad when buying and are not even aware there are fees, even though it is listed up front.

# 3. We have a wonderful customer support team on hand to answer customer q's and help guide them through the process to the best of our ability, and if a guest is not happy with hotel choices, we can and do provide multiple searches. If we're not able to assist at that time, the voucher is good for multiple uses at another date & time.

I hope this helps to answer some of your questions about this deal. I do not monitor these boards but just happened across this one and got the approval of my manager (Michael A) to reply to it. You are welcome to visit the deal through Moolala to find our company contact info. My name is Jamie, and I work in Accounts.

Bayville, New Jersey, United States #706546

Moolala deals can be very misleading. At first, the deals sound great and almost too good to be true. But how it really works and what people fail to understand is: You pay for a voucher. That's like paying for a ticket to go see a movie. The ticket is the voucher that you paid. Do they have to let you see the movie? Nope. You paid for the *** ticket, not the movie.

So how Moolala works is: You pay for a voucher. Lets say this item is originally $30. But we are going to sell the voucher to you for $5. Behind the scenes, Moolala brought the voucher business. Moolala says, "here's your ticket to get this product."

What they don't tell you is: You still have to pay for SHIPPING on the merchant's website. So you are actually paying $10 and not $5.

So Moolala made $5, the voucher basically gave the item away for free, but charged you shipping on the products at $5, but since they are shipping in bulk, they actually made money.

This happened to me. I bought 5 products from them for $5 each ($25) and had to pay shipping on each item individually (5*5=25 + 25 = $50). What I thought was saving me money - which it did, I saved $20 on EACH item, but ended up actually paying $50 because I had to pay $10 instead of $25 because I thought it was only $5.

While the deal was good and I did get what I wanted, the deal was still misleading.

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