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Purchased $200 vouchers (value $720) for CanvasLifeStyle and they are clearly out of business. Their website is down and their phone disconnected.

I have sent 5 inquiries over the past two weeks to with no response other than their automated confirmation. Their phone appears to be disconnected. There is no other way to contact them unless I go by their offices (so happens I live in Austin where they are headquartered).

It's bad enough that the vouchers are worthless but to not get a response from the Moolala after multiple attempts?

Are they out of business....does anyone know?

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Austin, Texas, United States #861608

Yes. Moolala is out of business. -former employee


If you work in Austin, TX, lets contact the Attorney General. Texas is tough and the AG will not tolerate dishonest business practices.

I can be reached at 248-683-3690.

The owner of Moolala is google searchable and live in Austin. TX.

His Mobile number is 512-590-9876. Lets see if we can get him a small room at the county jail.


Contact the owner. He is a pig. Josh Chodniewicz (512-590-9876) Use a phone number the will not be identified.


I had same issue for $500 and went to their offices since I too live in Austin. They are gone and don't office anyone there or have a working number.


They are out of business. They are currently selling all their stock to pay their debts.


I am one of their jewelry supplier. Moolala fail to pay us for items sold overdue within 5 to 7 months. We are planning to take legal action.

to M H Detroit, Michigan, United States #855482

Please contact us as we would like to join the lawsuit. We were a supplier of watches and we were never paid for anything.

Please call 248-683-3690. Ask for Mike.

The owners name at Moolala is Josh Chodniewicz (512-590-9876)/ He lives in Austin, TX.

I was told by former employees that the only way to get payment is to threaten a lawsuit. We will be happy to work with you.


I purchased the 4 canvases for $99 deal. Went to order my prints today, and found Canvas Lifestyle site down.

I am very upset and confused!

I have emails saved from Debbie a support representative, includes a picture. She was very helpful to me, I sure hope to hear from them soon!

It did state that Moolala was going through "business changes" =(

Hubert, North Carolina, United States #847802

Please keep us posted if you go by the office! I'm curious also! I've been scammed by them recently as well.

to jen #852410

Me too!!! Is there any legal action we can take?

to jen Nashville, Tennessee, United States #853034

Same exact issue here. I bought the same $99 deal.

I'm digging online and plan to contact (stalk) everyone they know or love until I get reimbursed or given the same deal. Their Mom, wife, old college roomies!!!!!!! I will not stop. This is BS.

Here is a name and email: Matt Atkinson matkinson@moolala on LinkedIn it shows he works there still.

The deal was for a inner city metro school here in Nashville. I'm a mom and photographer who took photos of the students and bought the deal to showcase their faces on the walls of the front entry. I will not stop until this is fixed!

Please do some digging and let us know what you find out. I'm so upset that there is a good chance I'll buy a plane ticket and show up there myself.

They can and should honor our deal through another 3rd party canvas company. Such as all the ones they've been offering on their Facebook page.

to Mary Frances #853429

Looks like Matt is (was) just the accountant. Stalking him will not get your money back-- try locating the owners instead.

I understand that you are upset-- I am too-- but I am disputing the charge with my credit card company. They'll get the funds back-- I'm sure the owners had to include a personal guarantee for the merchant account.

to In_A_Bad_MOOd Detroit, Michigan, United States #855484

The owners name is Josh Chodniewicz. Mobile number is 512-590-9876.

He is google searchable and lives in Austin, TX. We will be happy to join in any legal action against this pig.

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